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Usage of logo.png is pretty simple. (But you should know what are you doing!)

The main window simply consists of a list of configured proxies and buttons to add, edit, delete and apply them.


To add a proxy hit button SPS_main_buttonnew.png. This opens the edit window which is also opend if you hit the edit button SPS_main_buttonedit.png explained later.
The delete button SPS_main_buttondelete.png deletes a setting (without user confirmation).

To apply the current selected setting hit the Apply button SPS_main_buttoapply.png. To save the current settings use button SPS_main_buttonsave.png and to save and apply the setting use button SPSmainbuttonsaveapply.png.

If you apply the setting and the checkbox SPS_main_buttonautoapply.png is checked a schedule will be created which automatically checks and applies the proxy setting for the current network (if one is defined and corresponding network is found) on logon and every 5 minutes.

Edit proxy setting

With the edit form you are able to define or change the selected setting.


Here you can enter the proxy settings for a defined network. When you add a proxy the network mask is prefilled with the current
network mask.

The network mask could be entered in two formats:
As proxy you can define a valid URI or IP with port definition (e.g. and a bypass pattern for which resources the proxy should be ignored. This can be IP adresses or URI's. <local> is always added if not defined to bypass local resources.

To fill in the current setting simply hit SPS_setting_current.png. Network detection is shown @ DetectionNetworkSetting.


Hit Accept and the setting appears within the list of the main window.

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